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              • The wastewater treatment plant is located in Xinghuo development area, Fengxian District, Shanghai. The wastewater contains high concentrations of salinity, phenol, ammonia nitrogen and COD, and is difficult to treat using regular techniques. After employing Accele-tech’s upgrading solutions, the plant has successfully and effectively operated for more years.

              • On April 11, 2017, Environmental Science and Engineering College of Donghua University conducted a technical review relating to Accele-tech’s proposed plans under the commission by Shanghai Huiguang Fine Chemical Industry Company. The committee members include: Professor Jiangcheng Xu (expert in environmental field) from Environmental Science and Engineering College of Tongji University, Professor Gang Xue (dean of college) from Environmental Science and Engineering College of Donghua University, and Professor Hong Tao from Environmental and Architectural College of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

              • Daily wastewater treatment up to 6,200 t/d —— New construction project

              • The upgrade project of the Sino-Western 3D Pharmaceutical Salt-containing Wastewater Treatment Station under the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group is the “high-salt, high-phenol, high-ammonia, high-COD” four-high wastewater, which is a typical high-difficult wastewater treatment project located in Fengxian, Shanghai. The District Xinghuo Development Zone has been in operation for many years after the successful technical transformation.

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